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Our company takes seriously the privacy issues, that is why we would like to show you the way we collect, use and disclose the data. This privacy policy describes our methods of work with the data our service contractors or we collect via the web site . By giving us your personal data or using this Site you accept the conditions and provisions of this Privacy Policy.



This site allows you to contact us directly via email and feedback forms. Some data that you transmit can be personally identified (e.g. your name, email address, telephone number, etc.).



During this site navigation a passive data collection may occur (i.e. without transmitting data in an active way) using different technologies. Our service contractors or we collect and use data in a passive way via your browser. Certain data are collected by most of the browsers, for example, your Media Access Control, MAC, a type and a version of your PC operational system, your screen resolution ration, a type and a version of the Internet browser. We also can collect such data as, for example, a type and an identifier of your device if you access the Site using a mobile device.


By using cookie files we can collect such data as a type of the browser, the time spent on the Site, pages viewed and language preferences. Our service contractors or we use these data to ensure the security, to facilitate the navigation, to display data in a more efficient way and to customize this Site for you. We also use cookie files to identify your PC or device which make easier for you to use this Site. Besides we use cookie files to collect statistical data of this Site use in order to improve its design and functionality, to have a better idea of how some people use it, and to resolve the issues related to it. To know more of cookie files, please, visit AllAboutCookies.



Your IP-address is a number automatically attributed to your PC by your Internet provider. IP- address is identified and automatically registered in our server files every time a user visits the Site; besides the visit time and pages reviewed are registered there. We use IP- address to estimate the Site traffic level, to diagnose any server problem and to administrate the Site.


Device data

We can collect data about your mobile device.


We use data from you or about you:

  • to reply your inquires;
  • to analyze statistical data for the product promotion at the market;
  • pursuing business goals, for example, to analyze data, to expand web site functions, to improve our products and services, to identify the product use trends.


All the data from you are used exclusively for the internal needs of our company.



We can amend this Privacy Policy.

Any amendments to the Privacy Policy come into force upon the publication of the new Policy revision on the Site. If you use the Site after the amendments are made, it means that you accept the revised Privacy Policy.



The advertisement of the product for medical use. Keep away from children.


The full list of the indications, the contra indications, the bad effects as well as the detailed information about the mode and peculiarities of use you can find in the instructions for medical use.


Before using it is mandatory to consult the doctor and to study carefully the instructions for medical use.


The information about the product for medical use for the professionals in the public health field. INSTYLAN (ИНСТИЛАН) 0,16% is a colorless, transparent, pasty gel of hyaluronic acids of non-animal origin, aseptic with physiological рН.


INSTYLAN 0,16% is approved as the class III of the product for medical use.

The EU Compliance Certificate. The registration number: DD 60107286 0001.

The manufacturer: Diaco Biofarmaceutici S.R.L. Via Flavia 124, 34147, Trieste, Italy.


Before using the product offered on this information resource, it is recommended to consult your doctor and read the instructions.

Information about medical products for the professional work of health professionals. INSTYLAN (INSTILAN) 0.16% colorless, transparent, viscous gel of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, sterile, physiological pH.

INSTYLAN 0,16% approved as Class ІІa medical devices. EU Declaration of Conformity. Registration number: DD 60107286 0001 Manufacturer: Diaco Biofarmaceutici S.R.L. Via Flavia 124, 34147, Trieste, Italy. E-mail:

If you are a healthcare professional, please confirm it by clicking the "ENTER" button in order to start work.